PLUS Powder Coating Machine

General features

  • The machine is designed for manual applications.

  • The body has a high electrical resistance.

  • The insulator part is made of conductive plastic material.

  • Faster current adaptation according to the similar devices.

  • Precise voltage and current setting adjustment provides high quality painting.

  • There are 5 memory and two painting modes in each memory.

  • With dual triggering feature, you can switch between modes during painting.

  • The problem of passing between the different geometries on the painted part is minimized.

  • Thanks to the advanced electronic card technology and cascade structure, there is no performance loss in long-term use.

Technical  Requirements for Electrical Section

  • Input Voltage: 220 V 50Hz

  • Power: 34 W

  • Type: EN 50050-2

  • Protection Grade: IP64

Technical  Requirements for Sprayer Gun

  • Weight: 490 gr

  • Length: 350 mm

  • Frequency: 18-30Khz

  • Polarity: negative

  • Protection Grade: IP64

  • Paint Use: 5-30 kg / hour

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