Flock Printing and Coating Samples


Flocked Photo Frames

Polyester, plastic, metal or wood frames produced by manual or automatic flock coating machines have velvet texture.


Jewelry Boxes and Seperator Flocked

Three-dimensional jewelry boxes, separators and similar products can be quickly and powerfully flocked in automatic shock cabinets.

In addition, thermoplastic materials can be formed after flock printing.


Flocked Printing Products

Wallpapers, invitations, brooches, labels and many other paper products can be flocked with manual flocking machines or automatic flock systems after glue application with the screen printing system.


Shop Showcases and Stands

Decorative shop windows, shelves and stands can be obtained by flock coating method. The products that are flocked with automatic flock machines and manual flock printing machines are formed in whole or in assembly and store visuals.


Textile Products Flocked Coating

Flock coating and flock printing are used frequently in textile sector. Patterned flock printing products can be obtained by screen printing with octopus type machines. Manual flock printing machines are used for table top flock applications. Flock cleaning machines are also used to clean excess flock dust on the fabric.