MPV-2000 Flock Printing Machine

General Features

  • The machine is designed for manual applications.

  • It can also be used in flocking systems with conveyor band and manual flocking booths when it is deemed necessary.

  • It is fast, practical and has durable quality.

  • The smallest flocking machine in Turkey.

  • Possibility to operate with hand trigger and foot pedal.

  • Protection system that does not damage octopus printing machines.

  • High coating ability provides excellent coating on the inside corners of 3D materials with power.

  • Because no air aid is required for flocking, flock coating method can be applied to all products on which glue can be adhered. 

  • It is mainly used in different sectors such as textile, furniture, glass, decoration, souvenir.

  • Among the most common flock covered materials in the market are; ceramic, glass, porcelain, polyester, plastic injection mold products (abs, polyethylene, anti-seize etc.), aluminum, zamak, stain, paper, fabric and metal.

  • All materials used in production of MPW 2000 are selected from sector leader firms.​



Flock Coated Mirror

Flock Coated Cellphone Covers

flocked t-shirt

Flocked T-Shirt

Jewelry Box

flocking material
flocked pop



flocking materials


tekstyle flock

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