CL1400 Flock Cleaning Machine

  • CL1400 Elektrosis flock powder cleaning machine has very successful results in the construction industry: on jambs; in printing industry: on invitations, brochures and transfer papers, in furniture industry: on mDFs, in the textile sector: on printed cloths..

  • The CL1400 flock powder cleaning machine has two revolving brushes; and these dusts are absorbed by the high-suction cyclone system and collected in a chamber.

  • The brush is made from special soft bristles and does not damage the fabric.

  • Thanks to the cyclone suction system, the suction power is prevented from falling over time.

  • The large filter system offers the possibility to operate the machine for a long time without stopping.

  • The brush rotation speed can be easily adjusted with the potentiometer in the machine pan according to the characteristic of the product you are cleaning.

General Features

Flok Cleaning Video

  • Technical  Requirements for Electrical Section

  • Input Voltage: 380V 50Hz

  • Consumption: 3.5KW

  • Suction Power: 5500m3

  • Brush Stroke: 100-1400d/d

  • Cleaning Width: 75cm